Frequently Asked Questions

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SWA Softball Spring 2019 Season

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the SWA Field Sports Officers?

Vice President, SWA Field Sports – Josh Woodward

President, Baseball – Keith Brawner

President, Softball – Matt Forkum

Select Draft Commissioner –  Corey Anderson

Vice-President (Cal Ripken) – 

Commissioner, Fast Pitch – 

Treasurer – Sarah Bull

Chief Umpire – 

Administrative Assistant/Secretary- Sarah Bull


When will the season start?

Practices will start on or around February 18th, and games will start on or around March 25th. 

No Games 4/27 Easter


How long will the season last?

The season will end on or around the 5/24...(hopefully depending on weather).


How many practices will be held a week?

You can expect at least one practice a week.  Before the season begins, each coach will typically practice twice a week (one week night and one on Saturday).  Once the season begins, field space will limit teams to one practice a week.


How many games will there be?

All rainouts will try to be rescheduled.  Generally teams will play double headers on one night during the week during the fall season.  However, there is a good possibility that games will also need to be played on some Saturdays during the fall due to field space limitations.


How much does it cost to play*?

U6 (T-Ball) - $100

U8 (Coach Pitch) - $120

U10-U15 - $130

*There will be a $25.00 late fee for sign-ups made after Saturday, August 11th however uniforms may not arrive timely for late registrations.


What do the fees go toward?

Uniforms and costs of umpires represent approximately 70% of the entry fees.  The remainder of the entry fees goes toward things such as field maintenance, equipment and chalk.


How are coaches chosen?

Coaches must fill out an application and return it to the softball board.  The board will then select coaches based on prior experience and needs.  The softball board reserves the right to not bring back coaches from past seasons if deemed necessary.


How are teams selected?

In the t-ball (U6) and coach pitch (U8) divisions, the league attempts to honor all requests to play for a certain team/coach.  While we do make the attempt, requests are not guaranteed.  After requests have been considered, the remainder of the team will be developed through a modified draft. 


The softball board and coaches will do their best to ensure that safety is of utmost importance.  Even if a girl has signed up for a fast pitch league, safety concerns may dictate the need to play slow pitch as necessary.  Requests for a specific team/manager will be accepted, but we do not guarantee that the requests can be honored.  Our first priority will be to make sure each team has adequate pitching and catching.  Some requests may have to be broken up to accommodate this.  The remainder of the team will be developed through a draft. 


When will the teams be picked?

Teams will be picked in August. 


At what age do kids start pitching?

Kids start pitching in the U10 division (fast pitch or slow pitch) and they are typically between the ages of 9 and 10 years-old.


Within what age group should my child play?

The age of your child as of August 31st, 2018 should be used in determining the division in which they should play.  


Where are the practices held?

Practices are mostly held at Heritage Park.  However, due to limited field space, some practices may be held at other locations (including Spring Station Middle, Summit High School, and Evans Park).


Where are the games played?

Games are played throughout the county.  Games are spread out between Heritage Park, Bethesda Park, College Grove Park, Brentwood Civitan Park, Crockett Park (in Brentwood), Fairview, Franklin Softball Fields (behind Franklin High), Grassland Park, Hillsboro Park, and Nolensville.  Depending on the age group and field availability, there will be an attempt to schedule about half the games at Heritage Park (or other possible fields in the Spring Hill/Thompson’s Station area).



Are practices and games held on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s?

Regular season games are typically not scheduled on Wednesdays or Sundays.  However, rainout games are typically made up on these days as needed.  Practices, however, may need to be scheduled on these days due to limited field space for softball and baseball teams.


What equipment does my child need?

Your child will need to have a glove and cleats.  The league will provide each player with a uniform.  The league will also provide catchers gear and a batting helmet with a face mask to be shared, as well as one bat per team.  While batting helmets and a team bat are provided, it is recommended that each child have their own helmet, and optionally provide a bat that is suitable.  Facemasks are strongly recommended.  For those players playing the pitchers position, a facemask is required.  The league will provide one pitcher’s mask per team as well.

There will be 2 practices a week leading up until games start. Once games start each team will go down to 1 a week.

In the Spring, we play two games a week, one during the week and one on Saturday.

·         6u-Thursday nights

·         8u A/B- Tuesday nights

·         10uA- Tuesday nights

·         10uB- Thursday nights

·         12u-Monday nights




Important dates for the Spring season

February 15th-17th- SWA Shop Day at Dick's Sporting Goods

February 18th- First week of practices

March 25th-30th- First week of games

April 20th- No games (Easter weekend)

May 6th-10th-Last week of games

May 13th-18th Without any rainouts, this will be the week of tournaments

May 20th-31st With Rainouts, this will be the week of tournaments    

Make-Up Games! The spring is always a challenge when it comes to weather. If your game is rained out during the week, it is the county's policy to make that game up the following Wednesday. If your game is rained out on a Saturday, the county will schedule the make up for the following Sunday. For example, if the March 30th games are rained out the make up games will be scheduled on Sunday, April 7th

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